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We have included some links which we think may be useful and interesting to you.

The allotments are managed by Southampton City Council. SAGA has nothing to do with site issues such as maintainance and plot renewals - that is council business. The city council has a very useful web site;

We are also linked to the national vegetable society (NVS). The NVS is a charity dedicated to advancing the culture, study, and improvement of vegetables offering help and advice to novice and expert show growers. There is a lot of interesting information on this website.

The Transition Southampton Group covers a number of interlinked initiatives dedicated to reducing the our dependence on oil and derivatives and move to a more sustainable future. There is a lot of information on their website, which can be found at;

Part of the Transition Southampton Group, the Southampton Local Food Group promotes the idea of growing and consuming local seasonal produce. The website is regularly updated with links to local events and can be found at;

A really useful website with a lot of great content is the allotment regeneration initiative. This can be found at;

Southampton and district beekeepers association often have a stand at our plant and vegatable show. Many people at our show express an interest in this hobby. They have a great website, visit it at;

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