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Are you pleased with something you have grown this year?

Why not enter it in the show on Saturday 10 August?

Classes for vegetables, flowers, pot plants fruit, or maybe enter a pot of your jam or bake a cake.  Perhaps crafting is your thing if so why not show us what you've made.

Please encourage your children or grandchildren to show off their skills - there are certificates, rosettes and challenge cups to be won . Live music in the afternoon and tea and cake !

Schedules availble at the trading sheds or my e-mail request.



Those at Witts Hill who have been affected by another attack of vandalism and theft will be pleased to know that the CCTV camera has been replaced at the Summit Way entrance.  Personal safety alarms are also available .




I have been asked for woodlice killer by several people recently. Please do not kill them. They feed on dead and decaying matter and if you see them at some seedlings it is  fair bet that these have been attacked and damaged by something else first and our little woodlice friends are simply tyding up!




An increasing number of bats are taking up residence on the allotments as their usual habits disappear .

They are a protected species and must not be disturbed.




We are visiting Wisley Gardens by coach on Sunday 1st September. Book your place at any trading shed or by e-mailing us at

Seats will be reserved on full payment of £25.00 which includes entry to the Gardens

(normally £18.50)








Saturday 10 August - ANNUAL SHOW

Peartree Church Hall SO19 7RT

8.00am - 10.00am Exhibit Staging

2.00pm - 4.00pm Public viewing


Coach Trip to Wisley Gardens 1st September

Seats reserved on full payment £25.00




Sadly  we have taken the decision to close Athelstan Road trading shed as there is so little interest from plotholders on that site.




Regulars at the trading sheds will have noticed that prices are increasing all the time at the moment.  Each new delivery to us has an increase in the prices charged to us and we have no option but to increase our prices to you.  We are still extremely competitive by comparison with other outlets and remember we can sell in smaller quanities weighed to your specific requirements.  




  are pleased to retain the same price for membership as last year.  £4.00 for renewals and £4.10 for new membership. Renewals begin 1st October.  Only paid up members can benefit from our discounted goods and offers. Please send any applications to 175 Manor Farm Road Bitterne Park Southampton SO18 1NY not the address which may be printed on your form.



  Trading hours


Witts Hill

Saturdays & Sundays 11.00 - 11.45


Bitterne West

Sundays 11.00 - 12.00 noon.


Southwells Farm

Sundays 10.30am - 11.30am


Sydney House

Saturdays 10.00 - 11.00am


Athelstan Road






Sonia Blandford  

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